Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Bible in 90 Days

Tomorrow we are beginning as a church to read through the entire Bible. We are using the Bible in 90 days reading plan. Feel free to read along. There is a Bible available specifically for this purpose - as well as a Participant's Guide. But, neither are required. There is no reason you can't use your own Bible. By reading 12 pages a day you will finish the entire Bible in 90 days. Here is the schedule for the first week.

Day #1 : Gen 1:1 - Gen 16:16
Day #2 : Gen 17:1 - Gen 28:19
Day #3 : Gen 28:20 - Gen 40:11
Day #4 : Gen 40:12 - Gen 50:26
Day #5 : Ex 1:1 - Ex 15:18
Day #6 : Ex 15:19 - Ex 28:43
Day #7 : Ex 29:1 - Ex 40:38

On Sunday nights (6 pm) we will meet at the church to discuss the previous week's reading and to encourage each other. Brian Woods will facilitate.

I am going to make an attempt to write a quick devotion each day from my own personal reading. I am going to try to stay one day ahead of the reading plan so that you will receive my devotion before you read the passage. My devotions will be posted here on the church blog. Feel free to comment on my devotions.

I hope you can join us.


briefs said...

Man what a great idea chip, can't wait to try and keep up!

IndyChristian said...

Hey Chad... how about sending your remedial group (slow readers like me) to join the One Year Bible group for Indy... on Facebook. *smile*

Actually ALL your folks could search/join the group -- the more the merrier. We're at nearly 200 now.

Who knows just what God might do as a result of all this?